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Our Story
Snacking has been an inevitable part of our daily lives. Whether in the morning or mid-afternoon, it’s been a way to curb our hunger and sustain energy to get us through the day.

Having an appealing taste and clean ingredients were the biggest factors for our snack choices. Unfortunately, not many healthy options were appetising enough to keep us from the unhealthy snacks.

Our journey began with the desire to find a Good snack that would give energy, without sacrificing the taste, and doesn’t make us to feel that we were punishing ourselves by choosing snacks with healthy ingredients.

OurRootsgoWay Back

Our grandmother’s love language was food. She made everything fresh from scratch. Her rice crackers, made with grains and seeds, were our favourite.

She believed that Plant-Goodness was a Nature's Gift
that gave us the unprecedented Power to Live longer
and healthier lives.”

theFutureof Tradition

We upgraded her recipe by adding nutritious grains and seeds to some of her key ingredients – white rice, corn, and black sesame.

In addition to the white rice, we added 4 additional types of rice.


To make our bites
more flavorful,
and nutrient rich"

  • We also added an
    unlikely,wacky flavor
  • cheese
  • for Ouma Bite to taste
    even more scrumptious!

Traditional Snacks

for theModernpalate

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Quality snack are not made only with finest ingredients.

We value not just the foods we make, but also how we make them by being progressive and mindful of sustainable and ethical farming practices.

We believe in sustainable and ethical production that not only
nourishes people, but also protects our planet. Hence, we partner
with ‘like-minded’ farmers who share the same values, ethics, and
transparency as us. The combination of clean ingredients with mindful processing is what makes Ouma bites so special.

Every bite is made with Nature’s
Goodness and — everything we believe!

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